Welcome to the Enchanted Rainforest
Bed and Breakfast in Prince Rupert, BC!

Enjoy all the comforts of home while staying at our warm and welcoming B&B.

Rainforest B&B is a family owned and operated business established in 1995. Over twenty year residents of Prince Rupert and born and raised on the Manitoba prairies, we have adapted well and have come to love life in Prince Rupert, British Columbia. This is home! We invite you to come stay with us and enjoy our unique blend of prairie and maritime hospitality.

RainForests of the Pacific Northwest

Imagine yourself walking through a forest so ancient that some of the trees were already centuries old when Columbus discovered America. Many of the trees are giants, their limbs reaching skyward for more than 75 meters (245 feet.), their trunks dwarfing all who set eyes on them. Moss and lichen cling to lower branches, and a lush green mantle of vegetation blankets the forest floor. There is a special feeling associated with natural cathedrals like these - a spiritual quality. You can smell it in the damp air, feel it in the endless silence, and sense it in the rich earth beneath your feet.

These are the Temperate Rainforests of the Pacific Northwest, stretching almost 2800 kilometers (1700 miles) along the west coast of Canada and the United States: from Alaska, through British Columbia, Washington and Oregon, to northern California. About one half of the world's Temperate Rainforests are found here and they are by far the most productive, containing some of the oldest and largest trees found anywhere on earth.

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